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Originally Posted by RobGee View Post
Great, another delay

This is a very specific tape-based delay/echo and has added modern touches to the emulation of the classic unit. The T-RackS Space Delay page has full information.

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Hmmmm... will really take a lot to sway me from Audiothing. Not sure I see things here which Outer Space doesn't have, except that IK is the current king of modelling IMO. Worth a go just for that!
Check out the additional modern touches mentioned above and of course the sound quality (you can demo it, too) so I'm glad you are willing to give it a go!

Originally Posted by Geronimos Guitar View Post
Just started to try on different sources. This is the first delay plugin that convinces me from the first second on. I own a Roland Chorus Echo, the RE-501, and the space delay gets the sounds I am familiar with with no hassle. Something I didn't achieve with Outer Space and the Arturia one. It really sounds authentic and fantastic and is easy to use. Instant buy.
Originally Posted by Geronimos Guitar View Post
Put it on a snare with 25 % wet and every single setting rocks... amazing. And the ducking feature is really useful also. IK - welllllll done!
Wow, thank you for such kind words! Definitely proud of this one.

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Looking forward to trying this.

As the tech is similar, is it right to assume the cpu hit will be similar?
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Hopefully it's not as heavy on the CPU as those...!
It is not as CPU-intensive as T-RackS Tape Machines. It is not bad at all, and you can see how it runs on your system by giving the demo a try.

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Can we use Jampoints on this ?


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So we cant use jampoints with this in combination with the cross grade discount?
It’s still 99 for me because of VAT btw.
The discount is an auto-applied coupon where owners of five or more T-RackS Singles and owners of T-RackS 5 SE, T-RackS 5, T-RackS 5 Deluxe or T-RackS 5 MAX will automatically receive a 20% discount when purchasing T-RackS Space Delay through the IK Multimedia online store. This cannot be combined with JamPoints but see below for more information there.

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Not complaining, just pointing out that the automatic loyalty discount applied during checkout on the IK site isn’t as rich as what I could get with jampoints. And, I’m unable to remove the discount to enable use of said jampoints. $10 isn’t worth a flame war, but some may find this limitation to be aggravating. Nevertheless, I’m buying it, demo sounds dope and panning the tape heads is neat-o.
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At checkout it applies a 20€ voucher here
Yes, per the above information (which is also mentioned in our news item announcing T-RackS Space Delay) there is a voucher applied. If you have issues with that, please let me know via PM and I'll see if there are any options available.