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Old 16th July 2020
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I'm curious why you didn't spend the extra money for the i7 since you really "went for it" with regards to the quality of the tech you've used.
To be 100%'s because I'm compulsive. I wanted to get it done, and the i7 wasn't available at the places I shop.

I was replacing a Q6600 quad core from (I think) 2008. I was using it to run SONAR Producer on Win 7 for the longest time. It had 7200 spinning drives (RAID 0) for audio files, and it seemed to keep up. It served me well for quite some time, but it was old and loud.

I compared the new 6-core i5 specs to those for the Q6600, and there was literally no comparison. The six core i5 even outperforms some of the last generation i7's. Thus I figured that the six cores, double the RAM (my old one had 16 GB) and SSDs for drives would be such an improvement over my last setup that I didn't need to go farther. So far, this has held true.

It's funny. I use VI generally when building a piece. For example, I'll create a drum track as a glorified click-track for timing. I'll often create a bass-track too just to have a foundation. As a song builds, I generally go back and replace them with physical instruments. I do tend to use the synth and piano sounds quite a bit. I've also included horn sections and choirs in the past, but most of my work is tracked audio.

My old Q6600 never really let me down, so I'm hopeful that this setup should perform even better. I'll update again after I get a 50+ track project going.