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Old 16th July 2020
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Quick Update.

There is only one issue that basically sucks for me. The Mini needs an HDMI monitor plugged into during boot up. I have to pull one of the cables from the eGPU and plug it into the back of the rackmount chassis' HDMI port. I tried using an emulator, but unfortunately the Mini alway wants to use it as the primary. Thus, it works to boot, and I get two Catalina screens on my monitors. However, neither of them is the primary, and thus I can't login.

It seems to be fine if I switch the cables for boot and then afterwards plug it back into the eGPU. It's a bit annoying, but it's not a deal-breaker.

The performance so far with my setup has been great. I'm using Logic Pro X, and I haven't yet run into anything. I haven't taxed it fully yet, but to date, I have not run into any issues with the HDSP or the eGPU. I was thinking that something would certainly not work, but so far, so good. The eGPU seemed to fix any weird issues I was having when trying to run two (video) monitors with a TB3-to-HDMI adapter.