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Originally Posted by alcohol View Post
HD2 system with 96 convertors. $3000
That sounds like my kind of deal.

Been thinking of getting into PT via a carefully configured MP or LE setup. Not a chance. Still no ADC. Not cool.

So PTHD is somewhere in my near future. Already got an Aurora too. Does PTHD compensate for native plug-in delay? I've been told that the rig can run TDM at near no latency but can you increase the buffer size to lessen the hit to your native CPU running RTAS?

I'm trying to do an HD1 if possible... Is it possible to effectively use native plug-ins with HD or do you have to go TDM for it to work smoothly?

Thanks for the responses guys!

Also, why go HD2? Are you really limited trying to do projects on HD1?