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Likely. Pro Tools is industry standard for post due to its Audio Editing prowess, particularly in the Ultimate SKU.

Meanwhile, Samplitude still doesn’t have “Snap to Zero Crossing,” which basically the rest of the market implemented a decade or two ago.

I dropped it due to bad performance, as well. VIP Arranger is laggy AF just scrolling around on my machines. All of them, and this problem is over a decade old. God help you if you use a HiDPI display (1440p, UHD). It can easily become unusable if you have large projects.

Lastly, I hate Samplitude’s track handling. Trying to organize tracks, the DAW literally fights against you. Basically have to template everything to avoid having to deal with this. I’ve never spent so much time making sure tracks didn’t inadvertently get added to folders, even when the folder is collapsed dragging a track under it will add the track to that folder, etc. And the arranger gives no indication of folder nesting (e.g. track indentation). You have to eyeball the Track Manager, which is equally unusable for easy track and folder organization. All of the Managers are bad, frankly (esp the VSTi manager - that thing is straight from 1999).

The non-dockable plugin browser and lack of drag and drop is just icing on the cake. Things that just slow you down for no reason when working in the DAW.

Decent at audio editing, but horrendous workflow and user experience. I had to escape it, to Cubase - esp. when I saw the X5 upgrade price and what they actually did in that upgrade... But, I’m also running Cakewalk because free and it’s developing faster than Samplitude, these days, despite the ridiculous price point.
Hi. I've see you around the Samplitude forum complaining and sharing your bad experience with it. I'm really sorry man, I've been using Samplitude for more that a decade and it always met my expectations. But as I said above, my work is exclusively with classical music where not so many features are required. For me auto-crossfade and AAF export/import are the only "must".