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I'm not sure what they would need to "trust"?

That I wouldn't make fun of them? I would NEVER do that and I daresay I don't think anyone else would either.

If you don't "Trust" then you won't get the help you want. Only an idiot would make fun of someone struggling.
Don't get me wrong, I would love it to be the case where all criticism and commentary comes from a genuine and well meaning place. Unfortunately I find that to be rather optimistic. I'm also not accusing either you or anyone on this forum of deliberately tearing down someone for seeking help or advice. None the less, there's a reason why 'trolling' is a known thing, especially on the internet, and even hugely successful artists with technically good (or even outstanding) work still have to deal with those who consider tearing others down as practically a sport. When putting your work out online, you're opening yourself up to criticism from strangers. Some well meaning, others much less so. It's much easier to take that and brush it off when it's about something rather shallow or relatively unimportant, like your microphone preference rather than something which can be as deeply personal as a song or a set of lyrics. Personally i'm not particularly bothered by it - none the less I find it a rather strange situation where artists often balance both sensitivity, empathy and expression with the 'thicker skin' which has become more necessary - especially with the internet.

I'd love to see a place where that sort of expectation or trust is the default, but unfortunately I don't think you can rely on it. I totally agree that only an idiot would make fun of someone struggling, none the less my experience has shown me that there are far too many idiots - regardless of what the particular forum/topic may be about.