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Oof this thread has taken a bit of a turn.

As far as the OP's question goes though, I think there's a lot of valid points here. Yes, trust is necessary when it comes to opening up unfinished and unpublished work. Criticism is tough when you feel like you're showing a bit of your soul, and it can be a big step for many. Of course that's going to happen at one point or another, both to a 'professional' and 'non professional' audience, but that doesn't change the fact that art is often inherently personal and opening up an unfinished or imperfect version to strangers is undoubtedly an intimidating prospect.

I also have to wonder with 'suing culture' so prevalent - I wouldn't be overly surprised if it had an (even insidious) impact on how creative forums operate, and as a result has had an impact on how much people are willing to share. Big names are being sued over 'vibes' and chord progressions - I wonder if it's much easier and safer to bicker over nuances in gear and preferences in sound worlds and productions than discuss the songwriting decisions which have landed many people in proverbial hot water. Perhaps it has put people off from sharing their ideas, or made them more defensive and less open to collaboration and critique. I don't know, it's just a bit of speculation and I can't speak for others, but felt it was worth bringing up.

None the less I don't think this phenomenon is particularly new or unique to songwriters. My experience may be relatively limited here in comparison to other posters, but none the less i've found that working and collaborating with other creatives can be a bit like herding cats. Fundamentally songwriting and lyric writing is a rather lonely job - in the same way painting or photography or whatnot is. No matter how many people in your team, your band, your squad or others you bounce ideas off and get inspired by, at a certain point it boils down to you and your skill - sat with a laptop writing lyrics, or with a guitar/piano/etc trying progressions and melodies etc. For many a bit of outside feedback is really helpful, but I can also understand the fact that a combination of intimidation and pride can often derail these sorts of conversations and forums. Nothing wrong with that though tbh, I have the impression it's a bit the nature of creatives!