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Question Anyone know of an iPhone folder player app? IE no iTunes or streaming.


Im after an app for my iPhone that will allow me to just listen to folders of music I have dragged and dropped.

I understand these days everyone is streaming and such, but im stuck in my ways and a vinyl and CD type of guy,. Moving over / well paralleling with music on my computer in folder.
I really really really do not see the point of itunes. I certainly do NOT want it.

I just want to drag and drop folders of tracks and such from my PC to my iPhone like I used to before iPhones existed and made everything more complicated.

Most of my folders are multi layered.


80s (Top level)
Band name
Album name
Files from that album

I have found an app called EZMP3 player. Its ok, but you cant skip within a track. ust a play from start to finish deal. Annoying. Also you cannot have any multi layered folders.

You shoot files over to it via USB and drag and drop to its app window within itunes (But not touching the music part of itunes that I just dont feel I need)

THe perfect app exists on Android called Music Folder Player but of course now work provide me with an iPhone im trying hard to get the same again. Cant believe there is a gap for such a thing. Before anyone says there is no demand how is Music Folder Player so successful on android then. Apart from the fact its super.

Surely the same exists on Iphone?

Anyone help point me in the right direction. Id be very grateful.