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I love my LA3a on vocals. Of course mine are original. heh

Anyway, I have the HF contour backed off on one of them so as to keep the high "sibilant" frequencies from kicking it in. I like to hit it kind of hard (shocker coming from me, I know). I have my other one with the sidechain flat for guitar and stuff. Haven't tried it on bass yet. I imagine it would be kind of nice though considering that it has a nice roll off in the side chain below 100Hz. For a box with two knobs, it certainly is complicated.

As for your problem, I would try to isolate it by taking everything out of the chain. Switch mics, preamps (if possible), cabling, etc. until you hear the noise go away. If it doesn't, there may be something wrong with it. I don't have time to listen to the audio clips but this is what I'd do in your case.