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LA3A owners - MOD Gain Switch usage/vocal tips? La-3A

Just unpacked my UA La-3A like an excited kid and been playing with it. First impressions are how much it thickens up tracked vocals! Great stuff so far. Was reading the blurb and Clearmountain used the re-issue on springsteen who i love.

Juts a couple of questions from an excited slut:

1: Just want to throw this one out there; how many of you use the MOD Gain Switch on the back to TRACK vocals?

2: Also does turning up the gain a lot affect the sound in any adverse way?? because i'm having to turn it up quite high to get a decent make up gain.. I'm going from my API A2D which clips REALLY easily - i mean the API mic input is at 9 o'clock!

3: Any other La3A tips for tracking vox would be appreciated

4: EDIT Major worry; i've been getting some strange noise - nothing is clipping and i don't think it's wet lips. I can't determine what it is. Any clues? I've scrubbed the wav form and cant' see anything. Am using new Van Damme cables as well.
1.5mb wav file included This is a simple voice test:YouSendIt - Send large files - transfer delivery - FTP Replacement I
some more fuzzy sounds 500kb: YouSendIt - Send large files - transfer delivery - FTP Replacement
(API input 9pm / api output 11pm > LA3A gain 5 Peak reduction 3 (-3 - 5db)