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Here for the gear

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Some question those who already bought it: How bug is the GUI? Is it resizeable? And more important what is the CPU hit? I can't get this compressor out of my head but I want to be sure about my purchase. Thanks in advance.

Edit: @ deve loper: How about a bundle option? SketchCassette and Shape shifter for 30$?
Hey there! The GUI is 575 by 680 and supports high-DPI and Retina display scaling just fine. It's not resizable yet (making it so would be a little tricky with the way GUI works), but if people end up wanting that we'd be happy to add it in an update!

CPU usage in our testing usually hovered around ~0.8% on standard settings, occasionally peaking around ~1.2% when stereo linking is disabled and dipping down to ~0.4% when the compressor section is bypassed. This all depends on your hardware, but even on my 2015 Windows laptop with a middle-of-the-road i5, I never really saw CPU usage above 1.4%.

Regarding a bundle: it's something we've considered! We're thinking we might wait till we have more plugins out till we start bundling then, but it's definitely a fun idea!