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Anybody had experience with ATC in a 5.1 postproduction environment ?
Seems like they are often found in music mixing environment, I’ve found their midrange extremely accurate but curious about somebody else’s experience/opinion
I work on the score mixing side with ATC (100ASL surround) and when the mixes are played back on dub stages (Meyer Acheron or JBL theatrical ATMOS), they have translated exactly. I have friends in the commercial audio/library track side with 5 rooms of LCR ATC SCM25A plus 2x ATC SCM20ASL and those have worked out for them for years (they've done the work for many Super Bowl ads, for instance.)

However... if I was strictly in re-recording mix, I'd go with a 2-way or 2-way plus sub solution from JBL or Meyer. Compression driver horns sound different from the soft dome (though they can translate).

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