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I have been lusting for a music easel for decades. Now i'm about to dive in to Buchla territory. The Easel reissue is out of production and the new 208c is about to be released soon.

Another option is the LEM4 Snoopy. However i can't really find any info or user experience about it.

Can anyone jump in to share experience and point out the difference between the other stand alone buchla's?
Actually... they are still making the Easel, and the 208c has been shipping since early this year. Easel is likely just out of stock. You can buy the Command from Foxtone right now. You'll find a better price from Detroit Modular, if you can wait on restock.

Don't have personal experience to compare the two... but they are different sounds and concepts and features. Wouldn't say they are the same/similar beyond being in the same family