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Originally Posted by drcmusic View Post
Aha, yes.
Inventing things I did not say.
How creative!
You are a producer!!! Wow!

Calm down tough guy.
Aw, c’mon, post your finest work in the “finished demos“ forum. I want to hear your musical voice to understand where you’re coming from.

I promise to be just as kind and courteous as I am to everyone else.

C’mon, you can do this! Be fearless!

You know I posted there, as you commented on it.

*The most important thing in being a good producer is being an enthusiastic coach, or even a “hype man” when necessary. But it is important to read the room, and know when it simply isn’t the right time. This is my first lesson to you as you are clearly also an aspiring… well I’m not sure what, but let me know.