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Well, as loud and proud as I dare. :-)

It's impossible to get a good bass sound out of something that's sub-par on tape. Re-amping will help, but not as much as for guitars. The difference between a poor ESP bass with bad strings and a great Sadowsky with fresh strings is enormous. I change bass strings for every song, or even more often. As soon as it starts sounding dead.

Mixing wise, I often blend a fairly clean amp with sansamp or some other distortion, and a high-passed (around 5k) and limited Di for re-inject string sound into the mix. I tend to use different compressors in series, some in parallel. I might end up with some sort of multiband compression, too. Sometimes I feed the bass to the drum bus, and to the parallel drum compressor. My best tip is to not solo listen to the bass unless you absolutely have to. Also, do different sounds for whenever the bass is playing without rhythm guitars.
Do You Cut some Bass from sansamp (hardware or plugin?) And some high from DI?

Thank you