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Have used Dynaudio BM5a with Dynaudio BM9s (sub) for many years, and have had much success with them. Still... I feel it may be time for an upgrade in the next 12-18 months. (provided the world doesn't completely collapse)

Currently considering the Genelec 8351b and 7360a for replacement... but damn that's ($23k) expensive.... but I wouldn't be opposed to paying that if these are the last monitors I ever buy.

But... what else should I consider? I feel a portion of that price is paying for the name/logo. Are there other monitors to consider that have a higher level of detail than my current, no ear fatigue on long sessions, etc? Thoughts in general?

Also... I do an equal amount of music mixing (stereo). The room is small/mid-size (23x20x12 ish) and well treated. Currently have excellent results on REW measurements, and am translating well in theaters and on broadcast. The upgrade is more of a search for greater detail and imaging.
The Genelecs are super fine speakers.
Also to consider are PMC IB2 or Neumann KH420. All remarkable speakers.

Something like the JBL708 don't come even close.