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Anybody had experience with ATC in a 5.1 postproduction environment ?
Seems like they are often found in music mixing environment, I’ve found their midrange extremely accurate but curious about somebody else’s experience/opinion
I've been mixing post on a stereo set of SCM25a and I find they have been translating very well for me, although I have been at home on a set of PMC TB2s+ since the lockdown and those don't translate as well, particularly on dialog. For me, the ATCs have been a revelation and are definitely the best speaker I've ever worked on. We demo'ed a number of speakers in the room, including JBL 708p, Genelec 8351, Neumann KH310, PMC TwoTwo.8, and the ATCs were the hands down winners.

We have plans to eventually gut and rebuild my room at the studio to a 7.1.4 Atmos/immersive room based on SCM25a LCR and SCM20ASL surrounds and heights. This setup just barely meets Dolby's DARDT recommendations for SPL given the size of the room and the monitor level. But this room would primarily be a pre-mix room for themed attractions and installations that would be finaled on-site.