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Old 6th July 2020
Surround monitor upgrade - options, opinions

Have used Dynaudio BM5a with Dynaudio BM9s (sub) for many years, and have had much success with them. Still... I feel it may be time for an upgrade in the next 12-18 months. (provided the world doesn't completely collapse)

Currently considering the Genelec 8351b and 7360a for replacement... but damn that's ($23k) expensive.... but I wouldn't be opposed to paying that if these are the last monitors I ever buy.

But... what else should I consider? I feel a portion of that price is paying for the name/logo. Are there other monitors to consider that have a higher level of detail than my current, no ear fatigue on long sessions, etc? Thoughts in general?

Also... I do an equal amount of music mixing (stereo). The room is small/mid-size (23x20x12 ish) and well treated. Currently have excellent results on REW measurements, and am translating well in theaters and on broadcast. The upgrade is more of a search for greater detail and imaging.