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Old 5th July 2020
Here for the gear
I recognize myself in your post and i think I'm at a very similar point in my life. I'm in my late 20s and slowly starting to realize the amount of hard work it takes JUST to get to a minimum income with music. Somehow the music industry has just completely collapsed (at least my local scene) and I find myself doing a lot of free sessions, trying to get some royalties on the backend if we happen to have a hit song. This has been discouraging so far to say the least.

The thing that works for me is to have a side income that pays for rent and utilities, at least. That way you won't stress yourself into debt, but you'll have the time to work hard on your music ideas. I try to balance 2-3 days of work with 3-4 days of music and having 1 day every weekend to spend with the family.

In music you should expect you'll never have a stable income, so make sure you're okay with that lifestyle (and prepare accordingly).