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Old 7th September 2007
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I have one that works. I own most of the "must have" types of compressor/limiters, but I gotta tell ya, this one is something else. As I understand it the PDM detection circuit is an early digital type and so the topology is very complex, and prone to failure, apparently. I know that the Crane Song Trakkers are based on the EMT's design. The sound? Well, imagine you're real good at moving a fader up and down to get the dynamics you want. Yep, it can be a little boring for some, but for some of you it might be what you dream about.
If you thought compressors have to be either vari-mu's, fets, vca's or opto's, thing again, The EMT PDM 156 is a mastering/broadcast grade high end compressor/limiter that is the most transparent you're likely to ever hear, if you ever get to hear one that actually works!