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Very often the best room mics are when there are a couple of 57's set up for "reference vocals" as the guitar players for whom I set up those mics seem to find some of the best sounding places in the room to stand... a mic in those spots is very often a beautiful thing.
- so true, though I like a 421 better.

I listen to every room, sum 3 or 4 together and keep one or two discrete based on my own ear, in that room, at that time, with that kit, and those heads.
its almost always different in different rooms.

and XY pair is a good base for the summed stereo rooms.
57's to add reality to the sound.
and never underestimate a "nice" condenser mic, placed 2 cm from a brick/stone/crete wall.

we have a 4 story stairwell concrete to work with, so depending on tempo of the song it goes on floor 2, 3, or 4 - with the door to the tracking room, just open an inch.