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Here for the gear

@ tourtelot : and you are

It's exactly the part of the subject I don't want to talk about. Even if, obviously, you're right.

In this story, what's completely crazy in my point of view, is stereo recording is something I learned at highschool (15 years ago now). It's like the beginning of everything my job. The base. Specially in my domain, classical music.

And of course it's not as simple it looks. We can improve our knowledge about it recording after recording. And it's normal to take years of practice to have pro results. But until now, I modestly met quite a lot of great sound engineers during this last years. And no one is really able to explain this common fact. Even if, once again, not precisely understand what technically happened don't prevent to make great recordings and have good empiric knowledge.

Maybe I didn't find the good person. Maybe I will on GS. I hope !

Thanks anyway for your answers !
Keep digging !