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Was playing around some more today. Reconfirmed that I'm getting Netflix in 5.1 - can hear dialog is only on C, hear ambience on L/R and hear just birds on Ls/Rs (watching Magicians). I'm not so sure about Spotify at the moment. I"m playing what they say is a 5.1 source, and JRiver says its receiving a 6 ch source, but not getting any output on C, Ls, Rs. I'm assuming it's Spotify at the moment (not on premium BTW). I don't think it could be anything else. The Windows speaker test works OK (with Spotify playing on top of it to keep the JRiver path open). I'll have to look at that some more later.

I responded to JRiver's "how's it going" email today - reiterated what I said on Forum. Will see what they say.