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Hey Jens, what's your approach to mixing downtuned guitars and bass? Thanks!
Hey man! I don't think I have a specific approach, or I don't think like that anyway.

I personally think heavy guitars gain soundwise from being downtuned. It's more like gravel instead of sand if I should try to describe it. Thicker strings play their part too. Bass, however, is difficult when it creeps way below standard tuning. Especially since the guitars start to have a lot of conflicting fundamental low end, it becomes a matter of finding harmonics in the bass where the tonal info can get through. Distortion becomes important in that regard.

Sometimes, but not always, I would try and tame some low end with a multiband compressor or perhaps a dynamic EQ, but I also use limiters for that last low end trim on bass guitar. Same with guitars, minus the limiter (usually).