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Old 3rd July 2020
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So I found out you can control how JRiver remaps between sample rates when the source doesn't match the AI. For each sample frequency, you can tell it to "do nothing" or to map to a particular frequency. So if for instance you wanted to keep it from changing your audio interface's settings (to match whatever it is trying to play) you can do that by remapping everything to whatever sample frequency you like.

The one thing I don't like about it so far is that when you are not playing something out of the library - it will dynamically open and close the audio path for the WDM interface depending on whether something is streaming or not. It takes it a few seconds to open. It waits a while (seems to vary depending on how long its been open) before it shuts down the path when streaming stops. For streaming movies or something like Spotify that is playing continuously, no problem. If you want to hear the beeps and boops from your applications or are listening to short sound clips - Sound Cloud, sound effects, whatever - it's annoying. It was particularly ironic that it is almost impossible to use the Windows speaker test to see if you have your multi-channels assigned to the right speakers. I ended up playing something softly on Spotify so I could get the test to stream through the path. I've suggested they just leave the path open if they've got no place better to be - so far they are not jumping on that - I'll update this thread if that changes.

I'll probably make the JRiver WDM the default audio device when I'm streaming multi-channel stuff, but make the UR824 stereo WDM the default audio interface when I'm working on the computer.