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the discrepancy between what various prediction tools, the literature or your experience tell you stems from how measuring data gets smoothed, weighted and interpreted: when you get to see an fft, you might be surprised how spot on or how far off things measure regarding specific frequency areas!

on the mixing side (i know, you're more interested in the recording side or actually the setup before recording), using allpass filters can both reveal and mitigate (some) issues stemming from different spacings between mics.

on the setup side and in practical terms, imo one doesn't need to deal with more than two or three setups unless one is recording in a room with a severe issue or happens to put mics exactly in a strong room mode: to find out about the former and to avoid the latter, you need additional tools though as none of the 'mic apps' teach you anything about this.

one can however learn to interpret measurement data and then decide on positioning and spacing of mics based on measurements which is what do IF i have all the necessary gear and enough time available...