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No, this is right. I've shown proof of it and you just want us to take your word for it. There's nothing wrong with my system. It's a pretty standard Mac/Logic/Antelope rig. I've owned multiple systems and it's been the case with them as well (Protools,Sequoia). It's just a fact of digital audio workstations (in wildly varying degrees).

You admit that it happens for you with Ozone and then you justify it because you can compensate. Most of the time, this problem can be compensated for but it is an inherent problem, a weakness that analog recording doesn't have (it has other, bigger problems). Is it going to catch in your throat to admit digital audio is less than perfect?
I think you're projecting I never claimed digital was "perfect", your dragging unnecessary baggage into this issue.

Latency is always going to be an issue, there's some 300ms of delay between your brain, fingers and the piano keyboard when you track piano. If you add hardware, you've got another path for latency to build up - so I'm still not sure what your problem is, I can run a plug in with varying degrees of wet dry mix and get NO comb filtering - and of course we use delay compensation - that's what it's there for. You have to use delay comp on hardware, as well.