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Are you using a delay on your snare? Because I'm hearing a distinct tight delay on it, although I can't say where it's coming from. If I were to guess, I would say that it's the latency we've been talking about, but even later than my sample so that it sounds more like a delay rather than comb filtering. Try muting the reverb channel as you play the file again and see if you can detect it and where it's coming from.
The reverb channel is completely muted at the point where the volume is lowest. Unfortunately I have no idea exactly how the snare was recorded, but it was done in a untreated bedroom. There may even be another more distant mic in the track, or just a lot of room reflection. I'll try another test, with the snare left and the verb right so I can visually look for delay

Second thought: the snare sounded like pud, so I created an overlay track with a triggered snare sample. The sample is not on the recording I put up, but it might still be in the reverb bus. I haven't time aligned that overlay yet,do it may be causing the impression of delay also.