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Originally Posted by norfolk martin View Post
I was impressed enough with your demo to try and replicate the result on my rig.

I couldn't

I did a test using Cakewalk. The snare is on a track . It is also being sent to a buss with the Arturia 140 plate reverb on it. The reverb is set to 100% dry.

The FX bus is faded up and down several times. I hear nothing except a change in volume.

Whatever is causing the cancellation you were getting, it does not appear to be a inherent or insoluble feature of digital audio because my my reverb plug in does not exhibit the same behavior.

I have the audio file of this test here:

PS: FOR THE SAKE OF PRIDE I did not record this snare! It comes for a friend's bedroom recording.
Are you using a delay on your snare? Because I'm hearing a distinct tight delay on it, although I can't say where it's coming from. If I were to guess, I would say that it's the latency we've been talking about, but even later than my sample so that it sounds more like a delay rather than comb filtering. Try muting the reverb channel as you play the file again and see if you can detect it and where it's coming from.