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Here's the issue and likely why some can replicate it and some can't (at least not as much). Some plugins are processor intensive and some are not as much. I just bought Lexicon Native a couple of weeks ago and it is extreme in its need for processing power, hence the latency. But if we're at the mercy of how much code is required to run a plugin, we're also gonna get get various amounts of smearing in our signal path. It's just the nature of working with digital audio on computers. We can compensate, we can get a faster processor, we can get faster converters, but we're all gonna have to face this issue to a small or large degree depending on our workstation.
Yea, I am running a fairly heavy machine here.

Its a Gigabyte Mobo with a liquid cooled I7 5960X at 3.5 Ghz, eight cores each with two threads. Gforce 900 graphics and 64 Mb of Ram.

I've no idea what would happen with a slower machine because I never tired the test before