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Peculiar? That's what latency sounds like with one track unprocessed and the other dry and through a plugin. We're getting that all the time when we use plugins. We're just not always aware of it. And low latency is not "no latency". It helps to some degree but latency is a fact of life in multitrack digital recording and processing period.
I was impressed enough with your demo to try and replicate the result on my rig.

I couldn't

I did a test using Cakewalk. The snare is on a track . It is also being sent to a buss with the Arturia 140 plate reverb on it. The reverb is set to 100% dry.

The FX bus is faded up and down several times. I hear nothing except a change in volume.

Whatever is causing the cancellation you were getting, it does not appear to be a inherent or insoluble feature of digital audio because my my reverb plug in does not exhibit the same behavior.

I have the audio file of this test here:

PS: FOR THE SAKE OF PRIDE I did not record this snare! It comes for a friend's bedroom recording.