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Old 2nd July 2020
OK. Just to confirm, I more or less replicated the setup (in current Cakewalk/BL) in voodoo4u's earlier thread, but, happily, when I combine the original sample (a handclap in my case, routed via send to the main out) with the sample also sent to the the buss (run through either of a pair of workday reverbs: Nomad BlueVerb and Breverb2/CW, set to dry) I DO get the expected increase in output level, but there's no uncompensated delay, as evidenced by lack of phasing. So that much is good...

BUT... then I remembered noticing some odd, seemingly latency-related behavior in the old RealSpace convolution reverb when inserted in the buss, so I tried that in the same setup -- and what do you know? When combining the clap sample -- routed via a send to the main out -- with the sample routed through the buss with RealSpace inserted (but 0% wet) -- I could hear a distinct flam.

My guess as to what's happening is that the old RealSpace (which I think I got included with an long ago Sonar Producer package) is misreporting its effective latency, reporting a different amount of processing latency than it is actually taking. Presumably the more modern plugs are reporting correctly.

Very interesting 'experiment.' I'll keep this in mind!