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I had the Solaris for over a year and have been using the HPA4 as my primary monitor controller and HP amp for over a month now. Both units are fantastic sounding and pair very well together.


There is currently nothing that measures better, and more importantly, it sounds that clean. It is the purest monitor controller Ive heard in 23 years of listening thru controllers. It is truly stunning and worth every penny imo (assuming you will be using it daily for years to come).
Ya the HPA4 seems like it would be a great dual purpose box. I wonder how close the Monolith THX AAA 887 is to it? I have to imagine the Benchmark sounds better, but I wonder by how much. The other amp I was considering is the Headamp GS-X mini, but that probably has some 'slight' color to it.

Do you only listen to music through mastering converters ( at home for pleasure etc) or do you prefer a hifi setup outside of the studio?