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Old 2nd July 2020
I've managed to get my gear together for some home recording and I wanted to ask for any advice (or links to sources so I can read up) on the correct way of hooking it all up and getting the settings right for an optimal experience. More in the software settings I think.


Win 10 PC with 8 core CPU
Allen and Heath ZEDi-10FX interface
Novation LaunchKey 49 USB keyboard
Acoustic guitars and bass
Reaper DAW
Ableton Live Lite 10
Its pretty straight forward. But as far as settings, this has to be set at the time of recording. Just record in 24 bit and do not clip. Anything between -20 and -10dB PEAK is AWESOME!!

1. Download and install interface drivers in PC
2. Interface goes into PC. Then figure out what driver modes works bets for you. ASIO is a popular one and try buffer settings that work for you and your PC. The lower the buffer, the lower the latency, but the harder your PC works. Its a balancing act.
3. Mic and instruments go into the pre-amps of interface and you set levels according to its sound level. Do not clip!
4. The synth can be hooked up with its audio outs and MIDI outs, depending on how you want to use it
5. Arm track or tracks and press record and play