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So you want to do extended real-time recording into a slaved sequencer that is receiving a DIN or analog clock pulse from something else?
Of course it turns out I already have what I needed, but I hadn't figured it out yet. I've even got a kawai q80ex in some closet somewhere if I had to pull it out for the FSK, but I can skip that I would have had to run a kawai r100 in between first anyway.. The deluge does it. I only just got the deluge (day 2) and hadn't figured out how the real time recording worked. People are free to mock me but I had trouble understanding exactly how it worked from the videos and manual -- I just knew it was cool enough and capable enough now that I had to get one ;-) I didn't think that it wouldn't record indefinitely but instead be linked to a pattern length... I guess that changed with an update. It's hard to keep track of features through different versions.

I've worked it out though. I appreciate all the suggestions, and I may end up getting a squarp as well for the generative stuff and not worry about the memory limits, since the deluge covers that.

BTW mpc Live with the USB hosting and midi routing in OS2.8 with the deluge is a sick combination. You can sync the deluge by sending triplet pulses out of one of the audio outputs and route midi from the deluge by usb to anything else on the hub or the 2 other DIN MIDI outs, filtered by channel and reassigned to other channels. Should be able to split the output and also sync a squarp the same way. You can even hook up old class compliant DIN routers to the mpc live, like the emagic AMT and send to each DIN output individually. Timing and sync is so tight. I've tried to manage complex midi setups and syncing gear so many ways in the past. This combination is the best I've experienced.

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