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I'm in Toronto.

Thanks for the advice!

EDIT: Any thoughts on preamps to upgrade to?
You can't go wrong with a Great River preamp. How many channels do you think you'll need going forward? That's something you need to consider.

I started off with an RNP- pretty darned good. From there I went with Seventh Circle Audio N72s (that I love), but they've closed down so you'd have to buy used, and they only came as a one-shot single preamp or in their own racks, so they don't fit in a 500-series chassis. So instead I'd go Great River or Avedis if you have the extra cash and you're into a 500-series thing.

Also, for your mic choice, you want to consider whether you want a cardoid or multipattern mic. The multipattern option is very handy.

I quite like the buy-once strategy.