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Old 1st July 2020
The million dollar question. :-)

I have a lot of samples lying around, but I've created a library from a few good ones that I've come across, but half of it is my own stuff from successful sample sessions over the years.

From the commercially available packs, there are some from GGD, Slate, and Drumforge that can see some use. It's almost inevitable to use samples on some level when mixing metal. I do, however, take some pride in always trying my very best to crank a usable sound of the live drums, no matter how bad they may sound, and then support with samples where and when needed. Never the other way around. I would never base the sound around samples.

If I look to myself and what I like to listen to, I prefer a "worse" sound that is more natural any day of the week compared to something that sounds embarrassingly artificial. Relatively speaking.