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Old 1st July 2020
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I have been mixing on headphones for a few years now. I have found that using crossfeed software has been the single most important factor in being able to do that, followed by using corrective EQ. I have used most of the different crossfeed plugins, and (at least for the time being) I have found that my mixes translate the best using CanOpener Studio (by Goodhertz), followed by either Sonarworks, or a good minimum-phase EQ with a custom profile copied from the AutoEQ website. I like Abbey Road Studio 3, as an all-in-one option, as it has EQ compensation built in, however it has been out for quite a while now, and has not received a single update, and it only has about 9 different headphone models to choose from, which I find absolutely ridiculous, especially given the price, and given that it is made by Waves, which is one of the biggest makers of plugins (if not THE biggest).

I have also been testing Re-Head by Blue Cat, but I haven't been able to get it to sound right. I'm hoping that maybe a future update will make it work better, because it is sold at a really great price, and also has crossfeed and EQ all-in-one. I have faith, because Blue Cat tends to make really great stuff

A wonderful free (with highly encouraged donation!) option is the Monitoring (Redux) plugin by Chris, over at Airwindows. He is truly a genius, and he makes wonderful stuff. The "Cans C" preset in the Monitoring plugin sounds remarkably close to Canopener, and requires zero adjustments. The reason I use Canopener is because it has a few nice extra features, like a "Safe Gain" option, and dithering.

With regard to EQ correction, I do like Sonarworks (in linear phase mode), I think ToneBoosters Morphit is pretty good, and, once again, I also like inputting custom curves into a good minimum phase EQ. I have yet to try the new DSoniq plugin, as it seems expensive, and I'm pretty happy with my current setup.