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I think this topic has been kicked around a lot here. I reference to headphones and of course would use them if I HAD to make mix calls, but no matter what I'd rather use a pair of open back than closed back any day. Senn HD650 is a good starting place, I have the mass drop version and they are pretty decent. There are definitely better mixing headphones than these.

I haven't gotten great results in headphones without many car listens, and referencing across many systems. Closed back only made this worse for me. It has been my experience, as soon as I get a pair of focals (or other great speaker) in a treated room, I laugh at all I didn't hear in headphones. This is just my experience, and YMMV. I've seen DJs that make hits in headphones while sitting in million dollar studios. But those same DJ's produce music on airplanes, green rooms and pretty much anywhere else they find themselves. I think a lot depends on how well you KNOW what your using. As mentioned above, a good reference mix will help.