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I generally put up 6 room mics... two hypercardioid mics in front of the kit facing away from the kit, one stereo mic about 5 meters in front of the kit [usually a stereo ribbon like an AEA R-88] and a pair of Omni's also about 5 meters from the drum kit, aimed at the ways on a horizontal plane that goes through the center of the kit.

When I add a 7th room mic it's generally a Microtech Gefell KEM-970 "Line Array" mic on a Starbird stand about 12 ft. over the drummer's head aimed at the snare drum... then when I get the rest of the band set up and playing together as a unit I will blend the room mics to two tracks so as not to have to make too many decisions later on when I mix.

Very often the best room mics are when there are a couple of 57's set up for "reference vocals" as the guitar players for whom I set up those mics seem to find some of the best sounding places in the room to stand... a mic in those spots is very often a beautiful thing.
Thanks Fletcher you make the break through here!
So, i must count my mics if i posess 6 or 7?
But thats it!
I will know how you perfectly guys are work!
Thanks i will print out and save it for the future thumbsup