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I have a standard original Proteus/1 as seen by the attached photo. On page 119 of the attached scans in the original post, the Device ID is written as 04(hex). I found MIDI OX unintuitive and complex but I'm slowly figuring it out. I can indeed send/receive Sysex messages from MIDI OX to my controller , via the Sysex View and have confirmed so much by trying it out. But the Sysex file itself looks like an horrid mass and I don't recognize it nor am I yet able to edit it.

At this point I'm almost willing to pay someone to write and send me a Sysex (or text?) file of the Commands as described on page 121 of the attached scanned pages.

I thought that I would get familiar with and learn to appreciate more advanced rack synths more by starting cheap and old (paid 60 bucks + shipping), but it feels like I screwed myself. I called M-Audio tech support and sent an email of this same enquiry. I hope they have an Audio engineer there with experience.

If what I want to do is impractical, that's fine I just want to confirm that. I'll settle for the limited CC messages and Standard MIDI messages Proteus offers. But I don't want to give up because I'm emotionally invested in this enterprise and my self-image would take a hit if I don't do everything possible to reach my goal. Also if I don't take all related musical endeavors to it's logical end, it's hard to justify blowing €800+ on a dream home studio while owing back taxes.