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Old 1st July 2020
Got the gear (finally) and now asking for advice on correct set up

Hi all,

I've managed to get my gear together for some home recording and I wanted to ask for any advice (or links to sources so I can read up) on the correct way of hooking it all up and getting the settings right for an optimal experience. More in the software settings I think.


Win 10 PC with 8 core CPU
Allen and Heath ZEDi-10FX interface
Novation Launchkey 49 USB keyboard
Acoustic guitars and bass
Reaper DAW
Ableton Live Lite 10

The software in general does my head in but I just need to keep plugging.

I have been using primarily Reaper but a friend who does audio stuff mostly just uses Ableton and I would like to use that as well for laying down drum tracks using multiple tapped out rhythms set out in a specific order.

Thank you!