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Vintage Dynamic Mic Ground Issue without DI

I'll send this to my tech friend eventually, but he's swamped right now and I've got a few projects coming up where I'll actually use this mic. I've got an older Turner dynamic microphone from the 40s/50s, it actually has a cannon XLR connector. If I try to use it with a normal XLR cable, I get a huge grounding issue and really low output. In the meantime, I found I could use a Female XLR to TRS cable with it, run that into a DI and then go XLR out of that. No buzz or grounding issues, it's pretty quiet all things consider but needs a LOT of gain.

On a whim, I ordered one of those Whirlwind XLR ground lifter barrels ( thinking that might fix the issue so I could bypass the DI. That didn't work, I don't think I got any signal at all when I tried that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this just a classic case of older mic designs switching two of the pins around? I'm sure I'll get it sorted eventually, but I'm curious to hear some advice in the mean time...

I've attached sound samples. One is a quick test through an XLR cable with more grounding problems when the mic is touched. The other one is the mic XLR-TRS going into a DI (Sorry for the hokey recording, I sent it to a friend as a joke because he was curious about the sound....)
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