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Old 30th June 2020
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TD-3 syncing with ableton

Hello everyone,

I've recently bougth the TD-3, and it rocks, fat sound, but i have had a few issues while syncing it with ableton, let me explain these.

I have no issue with syncing it to ableton's clock, this perfectly works : when i start playing ableton, the pattern from the TD-3 starts playing.

However, let's say I wanna stop playing this pattern, and a few minutes later, while my live set is still playing, I wanna start another pattern:

When I press start/stop again, the pattern plays, at the right tempo, however, it doesn't start on a new measure, or a new beat. For instance, if I press start/stop in between two kicks, the pattern will be at the right tempo, but it will be offset.

I am aware that i can control the note played direcltly by using midi patterns from ableton with the right parameters, however, I'love to be able to use only the internal sequencer from the TD-3.

Is there any way to solve this issue? Is there any tip i didn't think about?

Also will this also be an issue if i connect the TD-3 to a hardware groove box and sync them together for example? This would be kind of diminishing the capabilities of the TD-3.

I hope this wasn't already treated on any post here, let me know if it was, and in that case, sorry about that!

I hope someone can answer this question for me, thanks a lot!