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Lives for gear

In that price range your looking at advanced audio.
Dave has raised the bar for china made caps.

Another cool one is the Toneluxe37

First you have to decide what tube flavor you want: 12, 37, 47, 67, 251, 414, 800
Just in case: AGK C12, Sony C37A, Neumann U47-67, ELAM251, AKG414EB, Sony C800G
Go check out recording hacks to help with that.

Then decide how much you want to spend on that flavor. Find the best used mic with the cap and design you want.

I would say for new, the starting point should be a CM67se. 1K$ for decent U67ish mic with remote tube pattern control.

Lawson also makes great clones in that price range.

The very best, most of us will never get to use is:

Few new ones are getting good reviews here:
The TG is in your price range

If you run into them, the old Groove Tubes MD1A, MD2, MD2A, MD3, MD3A they are worth picking up. The rest including MD1B are not worth getting. The MD3 uses a Josephson cap!

Bock, Flea, barberic, nordic, are all worth being aware of.

Sony C38 is not a bad mic either.

A popular mod is a Neumann 67FET with inner tube mod. Combines a Neumann cap with tubes.

Milab and Pearl make the sqaure caps
Euhlund Make the triangle caps
Both solve the round cap design problems with another shape

That should take some time to chew.

Once you have an initial choice, go test it somewhere on your voice.

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