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Old 30th June 2020
A nice mic for a new decade.

'Sup Slutz!
I'm wanting to purchase a pretty nice mic or two fairly mics for my approaching milestone birthday. I have roughly $1100USD ($1500CAD) budgeted but am willing to go a little over if necessary.
I know there are similar posts (I've spent a lot of time on this site) but none with my exact details and it would be helpful to get some advice.

I have an SM7b and my voice sounds really good in it. It's my main rock mic. I have an NT1a and it's okay.
I'm running a FMR RNP into a RNC into a Rolang Duo-Capture.
I record mainly in my living room. It's fairly dead there's a book case spanning the length of one wall and 1/3 of the opposite wall is at a 45 degree angle. I have an ambient reflection filter but rarely need it. I manage to produce pretty good vocal recordings for my friends and me.

I'm looking for a large diaphragm condensor or a ribbon or one of each.

Ideally I want something with a lot of vibe and a little je nais se quoi. Something that is airy and a bit dark. My primary uses will be acoustic guitar and voice (operatic choir overdubs, airy falsetto and the like)

The guy at my local music store was trying to sell me on an Aston Spirit.
I've also considered TLM102, 103, KSM44A, c414, c314, AT4050, AT 4047, R121, R10.

I know that I should take all of these home and try them but it's a lot of mics and some of them aren't available to rent. So, if I can widdle down the list a bit I will have something to work with.

Or do I hold off and save for a U47 or something epic?

Thanks very much everybody!