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Old 30th June 2020
Thanks, man. The listening environment is key. I've been having the good fortune of having really nice control rooms all along. Paired with good monitors, I suppose you hear more of all that nastiness that seems to be especially associated with "noise" music like metal. ;-)

I didn't tour, so my ears were never exposed to too much noise. I feel I've been almost over the top with making sure stuff didn't resonate in a harsh manner on my mixes. I used to mix on KRK V8's back in the day, and those have a pretty defined mid area around 3k, where I imagine the crossover is.

I've been trying hard the last ten years to not over-clean my mixes. You can really lose your mix and what's important fast if you start to focus on these things instead of more important stuff that actually will matter on a regular, less pronounced speaker system.