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Old 30th June 2020
My pleasure!

Indeed. I'm using the Brainworks SSL4000 emulation a lot, that's my bread and butter kinda plugin on almost everything. Before that one showed up I used the Waves one.
I'm also using some UA plugins, like their 1176 RevA, which I find to be great. I use that one on vocals a lot. LA2 is a bit harder in the plug-in form, and I stay hardware for now. For more surgical EQ I tend to use Flux Epure (great sound), and FabFilter Pro-Q3 (very convenient, fast, and has dynamic abilities).

Altiverb is another plugin that I started to use only some years ago that really changed the way I'm using verbs on, especially acoustic elements. Soundtoys see a lot of use, like the good 'ol EchoBoy and the Devil-Loc. Mostly on guitars and vocals. To name a few.