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Originally Posted by bgood View Post
I’m curious if you reached out to the client?

I’d send them a new invoice...

You’ll never collect it... but, having them lose a night of sleep over it is worth it for being such c*nts
Haha, I like where your head is at! I emailed back and tried to call after the dispute popped up, obviously no response. I honestly don't care and know I got screwed over on this one, I just want to learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Originally Posted by shaneoconnor View Post
Paypal does not care about you. shocked?
Not shocked at all. I've gotten screwed over on people returning stuff to me on eBay as well for the most ridiculous reasons. PayPal had their hands in that stuff too. I would love to NOT use PayPal, but every client over 40 years old doesn't have any other way of paying.