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New DAC/ADC multi channel Burl or Aurora (N)

First post in a few years; here we go.

My Mix setup:
HD sync
HD Omni
SSL X-desk
DBX 160sl

Master Chain:
HCL Thermos
IGS Tube core

As a reference point: I have worked with the Lavry Gold but it is outside the budget of 5k.

1. 2x Burl B2 DAC and ADC: This would allow for stereo printing on the mix and mastering.
2. Burl B16 MS with the 8 channel card BDA and the BAD4M, which allow for conversion from the DAW to the X-desk and the mix and master printing. However, there is no option to disengage the transformers.

3. Aurora (N) 8: If I go this route I could use the Lynx for the output from the DAW and all mix and master printing and save some cash.

unfortunately I cannot demo either at the same time.

My question:
Which of the above is the better, quality, sonic option?

(Will there be a difference from the Omni DA to the Burl BDA or Aurora?

If moving away from the Omni DA is a better route, which would be better as far quality i concerned; Aurora (n) or Burl)